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I was born near Mantova, in the north of Italy, on May 27 1976. I am the youngest child after two older sisters, Arianna (1970) and Daniela (1974).

I had grown up in Pozzolo, a village near the city of Mantova. In May 2007 I moved to Castiglione Mantovano, a little town half way between the cities of Mantova and Verona.

After having finished the secondary school in Mantova, in June 1996, I had been studying pharmacy for six years at the University of Parma.

During those years, I did various jobs, mainly in the catering business, working with different duties in several restaurants and hotels either in Italy and Scotland, where I had lived for 3 years.

After that I had worked for 6 years in a different field, being the technical and customer care responsible for a company specialized in the production of wall paints and plasters. Now I work as a clerk for a mechanic factory.

I've had many hobbies in my life, but the main one has always been motorbiking. Still today I spend almost all my spare time riding bikes, a passion that I share with Lilly, my girlfriend.